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Time - Make the most of it

Posted by Mdouglas26 on July 23, 2018 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (3)

DeAnne Sue Hadley (March 16, 1949 - February 13, 2015)

This is a special lady to me, a special group really. As I was preparing to student teach, I took on a second job at Wal-Mart so that I could save as much money as I could for the 16 week placement. I had seen these 3 in the store every night. They would always go to McDonald's in the evenings. I got to talking to Mrs. Hadley and her husband on a regular basis and got to meet Hunter, their grandson.  We all became friends. Hunter would walk around the store with me and zone merchandise, especially the toy department. 

When I decided to move away to work with McGraw-Hill writing state assessments, something that few educators can say they have done, I felt as if it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Sold my house, moved and began a new journey. I often thought about these three and wondered how they were. Hunter reached out to me on Facebook and it honestly took me a minute to remember who he was. But when I looked at his profile picture, the picture above,  I knew exactly who he was. He had grown into a young man. One of the first questions I asked him in our converstaion was, "How is the family?" and was saddened to learn that his granny passed away.

Now, to some, it may not have been a big deal. It was they typical friendship. We were close, then I moved away. But something about this news really rocked my core. It bothered me that I was not there to pay my respects to such a wonderful woman. This was a grandmother, who like my own, had taken on a grandson to raise.  I was fortunate enough to have that happen in my life. And all though, things were tough in my childhood, I would not change anything. She helped mold me into the person I am today. I could see that she was trying to do the same thing with her grandson.

So, to honor her memory, I asked if I coudl write about her and Hunter told me it was fine. I remember a sweet lady. A faithful friend that was always ready to smile and make your day better. I looked forward to my evening breaks so that I could go sit with them share stories. She was a blessing to someone that needed it. Rest In Peace my friend....

Today's Outlook

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Life doesn't change because we "want it to", or because we "hope" or even because were "excited"....

Its all of these, wrapped in INSPIRATION and DUNKED (not dipped) in PASSION that will make a decidedly drastic difference TOMORROW.....

or we "talk the talk"and not force ourselves to "walk the walk"- adding POWER and PASSION to your life,each moment over the next 2 weeks..... can change your life!!!!!!

Go to the mirror and look yourself directly in the eyes... Commit to YOU, not me, not your husband, wife, significant other, coworker, boss..... Just YOU!!!!!! Don't lie to yourself... say it-mean it, be PASSIONATE about it!!



(say this multiple times each day, say it with passion,... BELIEVE IN YOU)

(Fear and failure is no longer in your vocabulary...)

Now, let others feel your passion for life,..... Make them want whatever it is that you've got!!!!!! Change yourself, and you will change lives!

NWA Cajun Heat'16

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Let me tell you what an honor it was to work for the NWA Mid-South this past Saturday in Morgan City, LA. It was a great SOLD OUT show. The fan interaction party was amazing and the card was top notch. It was a traditional wrestling feel and it reminded me of how wrestling use to be. I stood back and watched the stars of the NWA and the feel of the building and the crowd it felt as if at any moment Dusty was gonna run out and beat the hell out of the Horsemen. If you missed it, I'm sorry. It was truly a magical night.

I was honored and blessed to be a part of it. Thank you to Matt, Greg, Tony, Mike, Shane and the rest of the crew.

Thanks to Johnny Morton and Kenny for a great and safe road trip. I could not have asked to have been part of anything more spectacular.

Matt Douglas and WWE HOF'er Kevin Nash


Last night at a sold out Municipal Auditorium in Morgan City, Louisiana, Mustang Mike defeated Greg Anthony inside the confines of a Steel Cage to win the biggest championship of his nearly twenty year in-ring career, the NWA National Heavyweight Championship! The match went back and forth throughout it’s entirety with both men believing that they had put their opponent away on several occasions. Mike was originally scheduled to challenge NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion “Godzilla” Jax Dane for his title, but, “Godzilla” is under a doctor’s care and was not cleared to compete. So, the NWA Championship Committee made a few adjustments to the card. The result was very well received by the local fans in Morgan City, Louisiana as Mustang Mike is their hometown hero.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony did indeed lose his beloved championship belt, but, he proved why he belongs on the big stages with the big names in Professional Wrestling! We know he takes pride in the fact that over 1,000 people witnessed history made in a building that has seen plenty of Professional Wrestling history as Bill Watts used to run shows in the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium with his Midsouth territory as did Fritz Von Erich with World Class Championship Wrestling. Only time will tell if Anthony will regain one of the most historic Professional Wrestling Championships of all time or if he will move on to even bigger things here in the NWA.

More Cajun Heat Results-

***NWA Mid South Unified Championship Steel Cage Match***

-Jeremy Moore(c) vs. NWA World’s Tag Team Champion “Loverboy” Matt Riviera w/Pretty Tony & Killer Shane


This was a hotly contested Steel Cage bout that eventually ended in controversial fashion after Riviera’s manager Pretty Tony interfered in the match by delivering a “low-blow” to Jeremy Moore. Riviera then capitalized with a finishing move, a maneuver similar to the Downward Spiral, and covered the champ for the 1-2-3 to become the new NWA Mid South Unified Champion. Rumour has it that “The Loverboy” celebrated his championship victory with a bevvy of beautiful ladies in tow.

-NWA World’s Tag Team Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway defeated “Red Dog” Rodney Mack by Disquslification.

-Barrett Brown & “Battleborn” John Saxon upset long time tag team partners, NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm & NWA Texoma Texas Heavyweight Champion Apoc for a big victory.

-Psycho Mike defeated “Super” Stan Sweetan.

Follow NWA Mid South on Twitter- @NWA_MidSouth.

Follow the National Wrestling Alliance on Twitter- @NWAWrestling.

Also, you can follow NWA President Bruce Tharpe on Twitter- @rbtharpe.

Thank you all for being fans of the world’s oldest governing body in Professional Wrestling, the NWA.


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As I sit here today, I wonder what I will be doing once this ride has come to an end.  For months now, I have been saying that July 9th will be my last wrestling show.  That  I will be walking away from my childhood dream. I ackomplished everything that everyone said I could never do.  I performed on the worldwide stage, I've traveled and made so many friends.  It's funny how stories will be entertwined for the rest of my life. The story of Justin Grandberry.

I first met Jusine while working for Bert Prentice and USA Championship Wrestling.  A company that I was the face of for many years. Bert perfected my craft and I will be eternally grateful for that.... But that is another story.  When I met JG, he was a spoonge trying to soak up as much as he could from everyone in the locker room.  Somehwere along the way, he has been corrupted by his manager and told that he is the best around. I've been jumped, beat up from behind, kicked and bruised all at the hands of Mr. G and Justin Grandberry.  I wanted July 9th to be something special for the fans of Top Rope, The fans of Lebanon, TN and the fans of Matt Douglas. I never dreamed that my farewell tour would end in the type of match or even a match at all.. I have nothing to loose on July 9th but if I can do ONE last thing for the fans of Top Rope Wrestling, it would be to rid them of the trash that Justin Grandberry and Mr. G are.  I've never been a part of a looser leave town match before.  I've never been up against the wall.  No one knows who my mystery partner will be.  Will it be my friend and colleague Steve-O? Will it be Boogie?  Will it be a Shooting Star?  Or will it be someone that nobody is expecting.  To top it off, I get my long time friend Shorty Taylor to be the special guest referee. How sweet is that? Our lives will be forever entwined together.  This will be a memory that everyone will look back on. It won't be the Matt Douglas story. It won't be the Justin Grandberry story. It won't be the Ernest T story.  It will be the story of a fight, a battle and a war that comes to a conclusion on July 9th at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.

Am I nervous, yes.  I have butterflies as I am typing.  It's a high profile match.  It's my farewell match.  Can I do it one last time? Can I come up victorious?  I know one thing is for sure... I'm going to give it everything I have. I'm going to get the best partner I can find and I'm going to put those boots on one last time and walk the aisle to face Mr.Grandberry and his goofball manager Mr. G.  

I hope to see everyone that has enjoyed my career in Lebanon on the 9th.  It will be the end.  Come join us for one last night together.

Closing Thought:

A dream is a seed.

   A Vision plants it.

Imagination nurtures growth.

Opportunities create blooms.

Thoughts become things!

Farewell Tour

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I'm asked why a farewell tour.  It is simple, I want to give fans as much of an opportunity to come see me and let everyone know where I am and when my last show will be.  We are nearing the end of the run.  It has been a very great experience to travel the world and do what I do. I"ve been blessed.  This weekend, you will get two more stops on the farewell tour and both of them are for Top Rope Wrestling in Lebanon TN.  One is a regular monthly show and the other is a benefit show for a little 2 yr old girl. I am down to single digit appearances.  I hope you come and join me for a fun-filled weekend in Lebanon.  We are going to kick some butt.


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It's funny to me the term heat. I have no "heat" with anyone.  Anyone that knows me, knows I don't. I have my personal opinion of some and my professional opinion of some others.  I am a professional, if I don't like someone personally or professionally, no one would ever know.  For years I was the voice of USA Championship Wrestling. I left that company for a reason.  A reason I am sure I will talk about in this blog someday. But when I left, I never ran and bad mouthed anyone in that company.  I left and went on to work for someone else.  I have always thanked Bert for what he has done for me.  I always give him credit for what he taught me but the truth in the matter is a bit different than me bad mouthing him or anyone with USA.  I have a lot of friends still there, I have a lot of friends that have left there and now work for Top Rope Wrestling.  I am an announcer, a creator and a charater.  I'm not an owner, I'm not a booker, I am me... Like me, love me, or hate me, I have always done what is best for buisness and make promoters lots of money...

Love and Mercy,


Closing thought:

"Be the Example, not the Exception"