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Posted by Mdouglas26 on May 18, 2016 at 12:10 AM

It's funny to me the term heat. I have no "heat" with anyone.  Anyone that knows me, knows I don't. I have my personal opinion of some and my professional opinion of some others.  I am a professional, if I don't like someone personally or professionally, no one would ever know.  For years I was the voice of USA Championship Wrestling. I left that company for a reason.  A reason I am sure I will talk about in this blog someday. But when I left, I never ran and bad mouthed anyone in that company.  I left and went on to work for someone else.  I have always thanked Bert for what he has done for me.  I always give him credit for what he taught me but the truth in the matter is a bit different than me bad mouthing him or anyone with USA.  I have a lot of friends still there, I have a lot of friends that have left there and now work for Top Rope Wrestling.  I am an announcer, a creator and a charater.  I'm not an owner, I'm not a booker, I am me... Like me, love me, or hate me, I have always done what is best for buisness and make promoters lots of money...

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Closing thought:

"Be the Example, not the Exception"

(C) 2021  Matt Douglas - All Rights Reserved


(C) 2021 Matt Douglas - All Rights Reserved

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