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Posted by Mdouglas26 on June 13, 2016 at 11:30 AM

As I sit here today, I wonder what I will be doing once this ride has come to an end.  For months now, I have been saying that July 9th will be my last wrestling show.  That  I will be walking away from my childhood dream. I ackomplished everything that everyone said I could never do.  I performed on the worldwide stage, I've traveled and made so many friends.  It's funny how stories will be entertwined for the rest of my life. The story of Justin Grandberry.

I first met Jusine while working for Bert Prentice and USA Championship Wrestling.  A company that I was the face of for many years. Bert perfected my craft and I will be eternally grateful for that.... But that is another story.  When I met JG, he was a spoonge trying to soak up as much as he could from everyone in the locker room.  Somehwere along the way, he has been corrupted by his manager and told that he is the best around. I've been jumped, beat up from behind, kicked and bruised all at the hands of Mr. G and Justin Grandberry.  I wanted July 9th to be something special for the fans of Top Rope, The fans of Lebanon, TN and the fans of Matt Douglas. I never dreamed that my farewell tour would end in the type of match or even a match at all.. I have nothing to loose on July 9th but if I can do ONE last thing for the fans of Top Rope Wrestling, it would be to rid them of the trash that Justin Grandberry and Mr. G are.  I've never been a part of a looser leave town match before.  I've never been up against the wall.  No one knows who my mystery partner will be.  Will it be my friend and colleague Steve-O? Will it be Boogie?  Will it be a Shooting Star?  Or will it be someone that nobody is expecting.  To top it off, I get my long time friend Shorty Taylor to be the special guest referee. How sweet is that? Our lives will be forever entwined together.  This will be a memory that everyone will look back on. It won't be the Matt Douglas story. It won't be the Justin Grandberry story. It won't be the Ernest T story.  It will be the story of a fight, a battle and a war that comes to a conclusion on July 9th at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.

Am I nervous, yes.  I have butterflies as I am typing.  It's a high profile match.  It's my farewell match.  Can I do it one last time? Can I come up victorious?  I know one thing is for sure... I'm going to give it everything I have. I'm going to get the best partner I can find and I'm going to put those boots on one last time and walk the aisle to face Mr.Grandberry and his goofball manager Mr. G.  

I hope to see everyone that has enjoyed my career in Lebanon on the 9th.  It will be the end.  Come join us for one last night together.

Closing Thought:

A dream is a seed.

   A Vision plants it.

Imagination nurtures growth.

Opportunities create blooms.

Thoughts become things!

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