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2018 in a nutshell....

Posted by Mdouglas26 on December 31, 2018 at 11:50 AM

2018... where to start?

Lots of loss but lots of gain too. I miss seeing my friend Kay bop Pam on the back of the head during shows. I love them both and miss Kay! Also, my friend Scotty passed away too. He had a very rough battle but he is now at peace. I hope see you both again one day.

Lots of road time with my buddy Kenny. I wouldn't want to travel with anyone else.

2018 seen the rise of WBIC radio. A station covering the world with hits that you have forgotten about. If you have listened yet, check them out at PLUS, in 18 I debuted my radio show Never a Dull Moment. I've had lots of fun doing this show and look forward to seeing what 2019 will bring.

I made my return to USA Championship Wrestling. So glad to be back home. I love seeing all my old friends at ringside and love the new ones I have made. Was glad to see some of the guys in the locker room that I have not worked with in years... I am so blessed to be back working with Bert again.

I miss seeing my friend Dee. I appreciate your friendship and miss our conversations...

I completed my second Master's Degree which gave me a Rank 1 teaching certificate in the state of KY. 2019 will see the start of my doctorate. Then, I expect everyone to call me Dr.Douglas. lol

Grateful to have such an amazing teammate who stands with me to battle second grade. I can't imagine having anyone else on my team.

Blessed to have the friends I have in life and wrestling. I'm grateful for everyone of you...

My grandfather was admitted to a 24hr care facility to help with dementia. It is a terrible disease and sad to see how it can destroy the mind. I love my grandpa very much.

I've had to battle serious health issues. 2nd round of pneumonia to end out 2018 just as the 1st round brought it in. How fitting... Blood pressure needs to be lowered and I will work hard in getting it back where it belongs as well as my weight.

I could go on and on but these are the highlights for me. I will always be making updates to so you can check out for more.

Long and short of it all, forgiveness people. Life is too short to hold things in and let them fester. Deal with them head on, stay positive and love one another. We never know when today will be our last.

Love and Mercy,


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